LHext 1.34


Syntax: lhext [Command] [Option] <Archive> <Member...>

LHpack 1.03

LZH-Compression. Decompression on PC with LHA.EXE

Syntax: lhpack [Command] <Archive> <File...> <{-/|}option>

PMarc 2.00


Syntax: pmarc2 <Archive> [/w:] [d:]<Filename> [/BDHMNT]

PMcat 2.11

PMA-File catenate utility

Syntax: pmcat [-S] <Receive-Archive> [<Send-Archive> [File-Match]]

PMexe 2.00

PMA-Compression to EXEcutable-File

Syntax: pmarc2 <Archive.COM=PMEXE2.COM> [/w:] [d:]<Filename> [/BDHMNT]

PMext 2.22


Syntax: pmext <Archive> [d:]<Filename> [/ABCILMNPnQW]

PMM 1.06

Views the contents of a PMA- or LZH-File

Syntax: pmm <Filename>

PMset 1.20

PMA-File parameter utility

Syntax:pmset <Filename> [<Parameters>]

PMsfx 2.00

PMA-Compression to SelFeXtracting-File

Syntax: pmarc2 <Archive.COM=PMSFX2.COM> [/w:] [d:]<Filename> [/BDHMNT]

PopCom! 1.00

Compresses COM-File to realtime selfextracting executable COM-File

(in other words: it makes a COM-File smaller). Better than PMexe

Syntax: popcom <[Options|-R|-L] ...> <File-Match>


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BMPi 0.31

BitMaP image viewer

Needs MSX2+ and MSXDOS2

BMPs 1.11b

BitMaP image saver - Basic (*.sc?)

- DD-Graph (*.ge5)

- GraphSaurus (*.sr?)

- ISE (*.mag, *.sc[0+1])

GIFi 0.04

Graphics Interchange Format image viewer

Needs MSX2+ and MSXDOS2

JPD 0.42

JPeG image viewer

Needs MSX2+ and MSXDOS2

JPE 0.03

JPeG image saver

Needs MSX2+ and MSXDOS2

MAGi 1.01

MAG / MAKi / Pi image viewer

Needs MSX2+ and MSXDOS2

MGVi 0.12

Multi Graphic image viewer

Needs MSX2+ and MSXDOS2

(Mega)ROM Emulation

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LoadROM 1.8

Emulates (Mega)ROMs

Speed slowing down at MegaROMs

Mega16 Release 8

Emulates ASCII-16k MegaROMs

Works with external MemoryMapper

Syntax: mega16 {Filename] [Option]

MegaROM Emulator EX Release 10 (though it says ‘Rel.6a’)

Emulates most (Mega)ROMs according to extension

Can handle two ROM-Files simultaneous

Syntax: megamu ROMfile1 [ROMfile2] [Options]

Needs MSXturboR

(Mega)ROM Saver 1.12

Writes the contents of a (Mega)ROM to a file

Syntax: mgsave Filename.Ext /Sxx [Nyy]


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SCC Demo

Plays all Konami SCC-tunes.

Original from Martos. Menu Adapted by “The Incantation”, One Of The A500 Destroyers

MSX Itinerant Orchestra (MIO) 4.14

Plays MIO-files using PSG - FMPAC - SCC - MIDI

Consists out of MIO-Driver 4.03 and MIO-Player 1.0


Standard MIDI to MIO (SMF2MIO) converter 1.14

Converts Standard MIDI files (extension .SMF or .MID (always try)) to MIO-files

Syntax: smf2mio (opts) <SMF_filename> (MIO_path\filename)

MIO to Standard MIDI (MIO2SMF) converter 1.01

Converts MIO-files to Standard MIDI files

Syntax: mtos <filename(.MIO)>

MIO data-compiler 4.02

Compiles MML-data to MIO-files

Syntax: mc (opts) <path_file_name> (opts)

MGSel 3.01v

Plays MGS-files using PSG - FMPAC - SCC

MSP 1.01+

Plays MGS-files (other layout then MGSel) using PSG - FMPAC - SCC

MGS Converter 2.02

Converts MGS 2.xx files to MGS 3.00 files

MGS File finder 3.00_g

Reads all MGS-files and makes a '.dir' files

MGSel makes use of the DIR-file

Syntax: mgsf [x:][file1] [x:][file2] [/options]

where 'file1' is a DIR-file and 'file2' are MGS-files

MGS Machine ID Setter 1.03_c

Sets a MGS-file to a computer

Syntax: mgsmis <Input File> [Option]

Option: /s1=Sony /s2=Panasonic /s3=Sanyo

There's more to this program, but my Japanese does not suffice (euphemism).


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EuroROM 4.2

European characters with a Japanese keyboard layout

GRAPH and CODE keys work just like a MSX2

Needs Japanese MSX2, MSX2+ or MSXturboR

FDsave 1.10

Writes the contents of a disk to a file

Syntax: fdsave Drive Filename.Ext [/Sxx] [/Exx|/Nxx]

FDload 1.10

Writes the contents of a file to a disk

Syntax: fdload Filename.Ext Drive [/Sxx]

Formula 2.51

THE BEST diskcopy program there is

Copies the original MicroCabin games

HDDemu 1.04

Emulates game- (and save)disks on a harddisk

Works with almost every game I have

Needs MSXturboR

MSX Computer (& Club) Magazine Listings

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MSX Computer Magazine 33

MSX Computer Magazine 37

MSX Computer Magazine 38

MSX Computer Magazine 39

MSX Computer Magazine 40

MSX Computer Magazine 41

MSX Computer Magazine 42

MSX Computer Magazine 43

MSX Computer Magazine 44

MSX Computer Magazine 45

MSX Computer Magazine 46

MSX Computer Magazine 47

MSX Computer Magazine 48

MSX Computer Magazine 49

MSX Computer Magazine 50

MSX Computer Magazine 51

MSX Computer Magazine 52

MSX Computer Magazine 53

MSX Computer Magazine 54

MSX Computer Magazine 55

MSX Computer Magazine 56

MSX Computer Magazine 57

MSX Computer & Club Magazine 59

MSX Computer & Club Magazine 60

MSX Computer & Club Magazine 61

MSX Computer & Club Magazine 62

MSX Computer & Club Magazine 63

MSX Computer & Club Magazine 64

MSX Computer & Club Magazine 65

Disk images are made on a real MSX using FDsave and can be written on a real MSX using FDload

(see the 'Miscellaneous' section).

All files are compressed on a real MSX and can be decompressed on a real MSX using Lhext.

For decompression on a IBM-compatible use LHA.EXE for MS-DOS (32-bit only) or WinRAR.

Japanese Utilities MSX Computer (en Club) Magazine Listings "The Incantation", One of the A500 Destroyers